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Control joint filling

Most problems with concrete are moisture related.  That’s why every slab is treated with permanent moisture protection to regulate the amount of moisture the concrete can absorb.  A permanent solution for the life of the concrete, which will be significantly increased the lifespan without the moisture related issues.


Integrally waterproofs concrete, including internal migration, increases density, increases compression and flexural strengths, reduced permeability by 97%, protects against acid and calcium chloride contamination and damage, stops and prevents alkali-silicate reactions (ASR) Eliminates dusting potential, increased abrasion resistance, and does not alter traction quality.

Integrally sealing concrete a low cost solution to a high risk, high cost problem.  If you don’t want problems down the road call us today.

Rough surface removal, moisture treatment and re-profiling is low cost and low cost / risk solution to rehabilitate an old slab at a fraction of the cost of a new slab.

The client chooses the floor profile during pricing. For example if the client has a limit budget the floor can be left at a lower profile, the floor is repaired and treated for moisture. Two years later the client can continue to profile the floor higher.

Moisture / freeze thaw can do a number on exposed grade beams. Rebar expands as it rusts pushing the top off the beam. We repair numerous floors and grade beams under over head doors every year.

Pop outs are a common problem for freshly placed slabs in North America. These problems are difficult to remediate due to the nature of the problem. Several have been successfully repaired and are better then they ever would have been power trowelled and untreated.

ASR Remediation

ASR Remediation

ASR Remediation

ASR Remediation – 75 Metal

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